Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Just Life

Last Epic Wednesday started with a trip to Wal*Mart to get the supplies that we needed to do a heart attack (like Aubre suggested, thank you!). Before we began we all put on Ring Pops! :) YUM!Then we started baking our cupcakes and trying to decide who we wanted to attack! Well there is a girl that goes to school here that is such a nice girl and always helping others out, we decided she was the perfect person for us to attack! :) We wrote a poem:
There is a lovely girl whose name is Noelle
Being nice is something she definitely does well
Though always so busy and always on the go
She still finds the time to let her love show
Never expecting the kindness to return
From this sweet example we could all learn
We wanted a chance to show her we care
Because finding another like her is rare
Let it be known that we truly love you
So here is a heart-attack and cupcakes too!
We wrote her name with mini M&Ms, cut out hearts, wrote our poem on a heart and left them in front of her apartment. :) It was a fun Epic Wednesday!
Thursday was just a normal day.
Friday I was so excited because I was able to go home. It was kind of a crazy night! I got home and went to Weber State to hear my friends from Double or Nothing. They had an excellent show and it was fun to hang out with Aubre. I had to leave the show early to go home for a date. I was excited for it because I had gone on a date with the guy before (he will remain nameless) and had fun with him. I thought that it would be a great night but I was wrong. We ended up hanging out with him and 8 of his other guy friends. So it was me, a girl I didn't know, and 9 guys. He didn't introduce me to his friends and spent the entire night competing with his friends and talking about when they were in high school. We went to part of some random hockey game and then to Dairy Queen. The night progressively got worse as the guys began to talk about topics that are not appropriate and I felt very uncomfortable. Then the guys wanted to watch Family Guy. The entire night I was wondering why I was even there! I was so glad to finally go back to my parent's house. I guess that was my last date with him.
Saturday was a MUCH better day! :)
I was able to see my cute little niece, Libby, and nephew, Hayden.I was holding both of them! Holy cow they are heavy! :) But so cute. I love Libby's hair. :)
And I got to meet my new nephew Keagan. :) He is so little and cute. I just love him! :) I can't wait to see him again.
When I got home we celebrated Dustin's birthday. Dustin wanted to have homemade ice cream, it was delish! :) Ryan, one of my friends from home, came over and hung out with us. He was so much fun! We ended up watching Fantastic Mr. Fox I love that movie! Then we watched Hot Rod, another one of my favorites! It was awesome! He is such a fun kid.
On Sunday I went to church with Cameron, Heather and Ryan. After I went to Ryan's house and we played pool, which I embarrassed myself majorly at, then we watched Brother Bear and The Office. I love just being able to hang out with a friend and talk about anything. It was a great weekend.
This week has been pretty normal. Tonight is the Election Stomp so for Epic Wednesday I will be taking pictures and dancing there. It should be a good time. I am also excited to go home for Easter! :)

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Spring Break and Keagan!

Last week was Spring break. I didn't really do a whole lot... but I'll give you a run down.
Friday- I went home after work and then went with my parent's to Tyson's basketball game! :)
Saturday- I just spent time with my family and went to another game of Tyson's.
Sunday- I went to church at the homeward and then we made muddy buddies, rice krispy's and cookies to take to Cameron and Heather's house to watch 2012.
Monday- I slept in until 11:30! It was amazing, totally lazy, yes, but amazing! Then my mom and I made soup and chocolate chip peanut butter cookies. We took it to the neighbors for dinner. They are such a nice older couple and it was really nice to be able to help out. Then I went and hung out with Aubre, Nick, Derek and Matt. We watched Zoolander (one of my favorite movies!). It was a fun night.
Tuesday- I decided that I didn't think it was the best idea to live with my parents after CEU and so Katie and I started looking for apartments. It was a lot of fun.
Wednesday- I went to Logan with my parents to visit Ciera, Stewart and Hayden. I had really missed them.
Thursday- I worked and went to Heather and Andrew's wedding reception.
Friday- I worked and went on a date with Tyler, one of Ciera's friends from high school.
Saturday- I worked and just got ready to head back to Price and watched New Moon with my mom. I also realized how great of a guy my dad is. My mom and I said we were hungry and wanted him to make us some pasta, so he did... but when he finished we realized that we really wanted grilled cheese sandwiches instead, so he made those for us too. How great is he?!
Sunday- We just spent time together as a family and then Elder Bumby, a missionary that used to be in our area but is off his mission now, came to visit. Then I came back to Price. I hung out with Emilee! I had missed her lots! I guess you know that you are attached to your roommate when you talk to them on the phone or webchat every day you are away!
Monday- I went to my classes and to student gov meetings and then just spent the night in my apartment with Em. Then guess what we did... we watched Zoolander! :)
Today- This has been the most eventful day in a while! It started at 3:50 this morning! I got a call from my sister telling me that I was an aunt again! :) Keagan was born at 2:50 am, he is 7 pd. 5 oz. and 20 inches long. He was about 3 weeks early. He has had some health problems, his lungs weren't working properly, I am sure Ciera will post more about this later. But he is a beautiful baby and I already love him! I am so excited to be able to meet him on Saturday.
Isn't he adorable?!

I went to my classes today and to work. Then I came home and our home teachers came to visit. They stayed for 2 hours! It was crazy! Then Em and I went to go to Wal*Mart. Our home teacher had been teasing me about dates and was standing by my window talking to me. So I told him we had to go and started pulling away. He started screaming and making a scene. So I text him and asked if I ran over his foot.. his reply was, "yeah so I guess that means you owe me a date." I replied, "uhh goodness... sorry. " and he said, "you really didn't run over my foot I was just playing with you. But I'd still like to go on a date." Umm... awkward, yeah? I thought so...
My roommates all found it hilarious and were teasing me all night long. Then I did some homework and we are now watching New Moon. :)
That is my week so far! :)

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Another Epic Wednesday!

Last night was Epic Wednesday! We weren't sure what we should do so we decided to use one of the suggestions that we had been given! Aubre suggested that we do a heart attack for a friend! :) So that was our plan.... but things didn't turn out the way we planned.
To start off our Epic Wednesday I found out that I didn't have to go to City Council!! Yay!! Instead I went to the Presidential Debates. I really enjoy things like that so it was fun for me. We were super hungry so we decided to go to Subway and get a $5 footlong! :)I got a chicken bacon ranch! Yum!!! :) It was amazing! :)
Ashlie had a paper she had to write so when we got home she did her homework and Emilee went to hang out with her boyfriend. And I was super epic and watched TV and talked to my sister on Facebook.
By the time Ashlie had finished her paper we both thought it was a bit too late to make cupcakes and do a heart attack and decided that would have to wait for another week. We improvised. :)
My mom gave me some jiffy popcorn that you make over the stove. It was delicious!Emilee was only able to attend the first little while of Epic Wednesday this week because she had previous plans, but we were glad that she could celebrate with us for a little while.It got huge! How cool is that?!
Then we decided to just relax a bit and watch a movie. We watched 17 Again. I had never seen it but I really liked it! :)I think this is pretty funny because Ashlie is still looking all cute in her clothes... and umm... well I'm a different story! I decided to take a shower and put my pajamas on so that I could really relax... so I have my super sweet pink bandana, a CEU shirt, and Tyson's Jazz Pajama pants, I think I was making a pretty good fashion statement!

And that was Epic Wednesday! On Tuesday our school had a basketball game at SLCC most of my roommates went to the game, I wasn't able to because I had work. :( So Emilee and I were at home. She decided to take advantage of the quiet and went to bed early. I decided to read! I didn't realize how much I had missed reading a good book!! I read the entire book Dear John. It was amazing and now I really, really want to see the movie!
Today is Thursday, Ciera suggested that we call it Lame Thursday and do something really lame... so I think tonight I will go to work and then pack to go home for Spring Break, that sounds pretty lame, right?! Maybe to make it even more lame I'll clean the bathroom or something... I'll think about it.
I am so excited I only have one class left until Spring Break and it is my favorite class! I will be leaving Price tomorrow when I get off work and I wont have to come back until Sunday the 21st! It is going to be so nice to have a break! I am excited to see some friends that I haven't seen in a while and be able to just relax and not have to worry about school!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Blonde Moment!

Ciera, this is just for you! :)
You told me that you wanted me to post my blonde moments. So here ya go! :)
We all know that in the past I have had many, many moments where I didn't do exactly the most intelligent things. Well I thought that those days were over... but not so much! Here is the story:
Emilee and I were super bored tonight so we decided to go to Kmart, because Emilee had never been to the Price Kmart. So I park my car and I take my keys out and I look out the window and saw movement! So I automatically press on the break and kind of freak out! The truck next to us started to pull away but I thought that I was rolling! So I freaked out for no reason!

So good news!!! Our CEU basketball team just won their game and we are going to Nationals!!! Yay! :) Go Golden Eagles.
I don't really have anything else to say. So I'll write again soon! :)

Sunday, March 7, 2010

It's been a while!

I was informed that I need to write again, so I'm back! :)
So last time I wrote about Epic Wednesday, well guess what! I wrote too soon because that night was far from over! :)
Emilee and I were sitting on the couch watching TV and talking, it was almost one in the morning so I have no clue why we hadn't went to bed yet. All night I had been telling Em that I was afraid we were going to set the fire alarm off with our burning marshmallows and then all of a sudden while we are just sitting there the fire alarm went off! (No, it was not our fault.) So we all had to evacuate the building. It was freezing cold outside so I decided to take advantage of student government! Emilee, Lacey, Ashlie and I went to the student government room. Lacey made popcorn, and we put in the movie IronMan, we all fell asleep and ended up sleeping in the Student Government room! It was legit!
I went home for the weekend and it was great! :) Saturday I went to a play with my mom, Kerri and Heather. It was a lot of fun. On the way back they dropped me off at the Gateway and I went shopping with Em and Ashlie. :) Then Aubre picked me up and we went to a Double or Nothing concert at Kilby court. The guys did great, as always. It was a lot of fun but I can't lie. My favorite part of the night was riding home in Derek's Mazda 3. It was awesome!
Sunday was Tyson's eagle! It was really good. I am so proud of Tyson for getting his eagle. He got it like a year ago but it took a long time to have his court of honor but now its all over. It was a lot of fun and it was really good to see my whole family again.
Then I traveled back to Price. Monday was different than normal because our Student Government Meeting was an activity instead of a meeting! It was a great change and I think that we all needed a break.
Tuesday was just a normal Tuesday and before I knew it Epic Wednesday was back! We decided to have an extremely Epic Wednesday by getting away from Price. I mean, honestly, how can something get more Epic than leaving Price. Ashlie, Bethany and I drove to Provo and met up with Aubre to go to a Double or Nothing concert! It was their best show I had seen! It was so amazing! I was so glad that we had been able to go! After the show Aubre had an after party at her house. So we all went there and had sandwiches and hung out. The girls and I needed to leave early because we had a long drive home. It was definitely worth it!On Saturday Ashlie and I went back to Provo and went to another Double or Nothing show. Then to another After Party at Aubre's house and we stayed the night. It was a fun weekend.This is a terrible picture, but it's Ashlie, me and our new friend Ginger at the show at Muse on Saturday night.Our cute shoes! Ginger, me, Ashlie!
Now I am back in Price! :) I ate food at the stake center! I had delicious Chicken noodle soup. :) Then I took a Chemistry test, I got 96% thanks to Emilee and JJ! :) And am probably going to go over to the institute to get a treat at munch and mingle.
Now I am just looking forward to Spring break and our next Epic Wednesday! :) Thanks for the fun ideas we will definitely be doing some of them. If you come up with anymore let me know!