Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Let me just tell you about the most scary night of my entire life!!!
...... Well a little background first.....
I am now living in a house with one roommate (super fun? YES!)
And we live in a little bit older house so sometimes it makes scary noises.
...... And back to the story.......
Last week on Sunday night I watched an extremely scary movie (I am not going to say the name of said movie) with two of my guy friends, Brady and Tyler. I was super scared and jumpy the entire movie and had a terrible time falling asleep when I got home but being the genius that I am I jumped at the opportunity to watch the second movie on Monday night. I got home around 12:30 and fell right asleep. I was sleeping peacefully when a loud crashing sound woke me up. I sat in bed listening to the scary sounds for a few minutes and then my door slowly opened... my first thought was that my roommate heard the noise too and was checking to see if I was in my room... so I whispered, "Jill?" No answer. "Jill?" Nothing... "Jill? Jill? Jill? Jill? Jill?" Each time I said her name it was a little faster, louder and higher pitched. By now I was petrified. I decided to look down the hall and see if I could see anything. So I turned on my cellphone flashlight and stood looking down the hall for a few minutes trying to decide what to do. I decided the best thing to do was shut my door, climb in bed, text Brady for help and pretend like nothing had happened. I was trying to fall asleep when my door slowly opened again. I turned the flashlight on and pointed at the door while screaming bloody murder... to my relief Brady, Jill and Tyler stood there laughing.
I guess Brady and Tyler were so entertained by my fear that they decided to play a little prank on me and had to get Jill involved too. Needless to say I didn't really sleep that night or the following night... but it was well worth it! Great prank but ya know what they say pay back is. ;)