Wednesday, October 28, 2009

LONG Night!

So I've had this assignment in English for a few weeks. It was a documentation assignment. It looked SOO easy! So what did I do. That is correct. I procrastinated. So yesterday was Tuesday, one of my busiest days of the week. First I was on the radio at 7:30 in the morning. Then I had an office hour in the Student Government room. Then I had my prehistoric life. At one I had work. I got off work came home got all dressed up in my top-secret costume with Jamin and Lacey. Our costume is pretty much amazing! Even though we look like creepers. I still cant put what it is because we have a Halloween Party to go to on Saturday, and certain people cant know what it is yet! ;) Which I am very excited about! :) Anyway- then we went to the party, and guess what! People didn't know what we were! It really isn't that hard, it is just creative, come on people, you just have to think about it! :)
The party was really funny though, there was a mini spook ally and I sat in the corner and no one could see me and as they would pass I would blow the air horn. I ended up leaving the party early because I knew that I had my documentation assignment.
So I went home and sat down to work on it. I was wrong! It was a lot harder than I expected!! Then Ashree came over so we could work on it together, and then Patrick came over as well. We didn't finish the assignment until after two in the morning!! It was ridiculous! I guess I learned not to procrastinate anymore!!
At three I finally decided to go to bed. So I walk into Jamin's room and she is on the bed. She is asleep, and I mean fast asleep! But the funny part of it is that she was partially sitting up, and she had her laptop open on top of her, and her cellphone. I guess she fell asleep doing her RA stuff. So I walked over and lifted her laptop off her, she didn't move! Then I moved her cellphone onto her desk because I know that she wakes up better when it is there. Then I turned off the lamp and walked out of the room for a minute. Then I came back in and got in bed, 5 minutes later she moved! It made me laugh. I kinda felt like her mom! :) Just takin care of my cute little Jamin! :) And Jamin--I love you more! haha I so win! :) And just so you know, you are totally my favorite! :)
So, I am just going to let you know! I have been extremely happy this week! I have been very giggly and just happy! It is so much fun! :) I love being happy!! :) And now it is one more day closer to Saturday! :) Yay for Halloween!! :)
I think I am going to make cupcakes tonight. :) Or tomorrow. Sometime before Halloween! :)

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Busy Week!

Wow. So life seems to move pretty fast! I feel like I just wrote, but its been quite sometime.
So last weekend was a lot of fun! Jamin (my roommate! <3 ) has been wanting to set me up with her cousin. She was going home for the weekend and got asked on a date, so she asked me to come with her and go on a double date with her cousin, Alex. I was kinda nervous because sometimes it gets awkward going on a date with someone you dont know. But my blind date ended up being a lot of fun! And I actually ate mexican food, anyone that knows me well, knows that I am a picky eater, and that I really don't like mexican food. But I did eat it. And, I'll be honest, it wasn't that bad. I'm beginning to think I need to try more foods, because I think I dont like things because I haven't had them in a long time. But anyways, so I ordered the small combination, but the waiter brought me a large combination-I guess I looked really hungry or something. So I had a lot of leftovers! Jamin hadn't eaten very much of hers either, so we put all of the left overs in to-go boxes and left. We were in the car waiting to get on the freeway and saw a homeless guy, so Ryan, Jamin's date, rolled down the window and gave him our leftover food! (Ciera, it reminded me of when we gave our leftover McDonald's food to that homeless guy and got a front parking spot at the mall!) Then we played guitar hero and watched a movie. It was a really good night.
On Sunday Jamin and I came back to Price, it was a really good ride! :) I love Jamin! We talked the entire way home, without any silences! It was pretty much amazing!
This week is kind of crazy. I have a lot of stuff I need to do. But tonight is the AJ/Sessions Halloween Party. So that will be a lot of fun! And I get to wear my top-secret costume!
And I can't wait for Halloween! Jamin, Lacey and I are going to a party in Draper. And on the way there we are hopefully going to stop at my brother and sister-in-law's house so I can see my cute little niece and my parents.
Well that is about all that is going on in my life! :)

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Lite Brite and Other Fun Stuff

So I haven't wrote in a while, but life is going good! :)
I have the funnest roommates! I love them! We are just all soo crazy! I went home for the weekend and my mom gave me a bunch of her old Halloween lights things she didn't want. So Jamin and I took advantage of that!
This is us wearing our super cool masks!

This is our door we decorated! I think it is really creepy because its room 31... and 31 is just a creepy number!
For student government we did an activity instead of our normal Monday meeting. Which was awesome! It was definately a nice change! Our activity was ice cream sculpting.
It was a lot of fun! My group was Willy, Cami, and me. I was team captain, a first for me! haha We decided that we wanted to make a person head, as we continued we decided to make him into Todd Olson, our advisor.
This is our finished result! We thought it was pretty good!

This is Willy, Cami, and Me!

With our sculpture!

It was a ton of fun!

We also had Lite Brite! We were told to wear something that we could just throw away. So we decided to go to DI and buy some white clothes to wear. But when we got there we just had WAY too much fun and decided that we were going to have to be a bit more crazy than that!

Jamin rockin in her towel jumpsuit! Devin lovin his mom, in his pink fuzzy pants and suit jacket, and me lookin like I'm from the 80's! It was so much fun!
I have pictures from after the dance but I'll have to post them later!

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

September 30th

So I never really thought that I had a reason to have a blog because I use facebook so much. But I realized that I have lots of stories that I cant really put on facebook and that I could put them on a blog. So I am starting a blog!

I have been living in Price for almost two months! It is pretty crazy! I love it here though. I am taking a lot of general classes and a radio class. Sometimes the actual class is really boring but its cool because I talk on the school radio for three hours every week, every Tuesday and Thursday morning at 7:30 until 9:00. If you would like to listen to me you can online at

I love my roommates! We have a lot of fun just hanging out. :) One of our favorite things to do is watch Friends. It is so much fun!

I have made a lot of friends here in Price and had many fun and crazy experiences. I think one of the craziest would have to be almost catching Devin and Henry's apartment on FIRE!!!
Here is the story!
On Monday my roommates Jamin, Emilee and I went to see the school play. Some of our friends are in it and after the show we decided we wanted to make pizza and celebrate. The guys had to get pictures takin and so Jamin, Emilee and I went to Smith's and bought some frozen pizzas. When we came home we put one pizza in our oven and realized it was going to take a long time to cook our pizzas. So we had a genius idea to ask our friends if we could bake a pizza in their room while we waited. They thought it was a good idea too. Jamin and I went to their room turned the oven on and put our pizza in. Then we came back up to our room and took the first pizza out. We went back down the their room, opened the door and it was filled with smoke! We freaked out because we didn't know why it was all smokey! We opened the oven and the pizza was fine, so we took it out, turned off the oven and, opened the window and turned on the fan. Then we noticed that a bag of fruit loops on top of the stove was smoking. I guess their stove had a vent on top and so the hot air came up and melted the bag of fruit loops and was burning them! We moved the bag but since it had a hole burnt in it fruit loops spilled everywhere! So we had to go get a vacuum and vacuum off the stove! It was so funny! Needless to say, we left their room smokin! :P