Wednesday, September 30, 2009

September 30th

So I never really thought that I had a reason to have a blog because I use facebook so much. But I realized that I have lots of stories that I cant really put on facebook and that I could put them on a blog. So I am starting a blog!

I have been living in Price for almost two months! It is pretty crazy! I love it here though. I am taking a lot of general classes and a radio class. Sometimes the actual class is really boring but its cool because I talk on the school radio for three hours every week, every Tuesday and Thursday morning at 7:30 until 9:00. If you would like to listen to me you can online at

I love my roommates! We have a lot of fun just hanging out. :) One of our favorite things to do is watch Friends. It is so much fun!

I have made a lot of friends here in Price and had many fun and crazy experiences. I think one of the craziest would have to be almost catching Devin and Henry's apartment on FIRE!!!
Here is the story!
On Monday my roommates Jamin, Emilee and I went to see the school play. Some of our friends are in it and after the show we decided we wanted to make pizza and celebrate. The guys had to get pictures takin and so Jamin, Emilee and I went to Smith's and bought some frozen pizzas. When we came home we put one pizza in our oven and realized it was going to take a long time to cook our pizzas. So we had a genius idea to ask our friends if we could bake a pizza in their room while we waited. They thought it was a good idea too. Jamin and I went to their room turned the oven on and put our pizza in. Then we came back up to our room and took the first pizza out. We went back down the their room, opened the door and it was filled with smoke! We freaked out because we didn't know why it was all smokey! We opened the oven and the pizza was fine, so we took it out, turned off the oven and, opened the window and turned on the fan. Then we noticed that a bag of fruit loops on top of the stove was smoking. I guess their stove had a vent on top and so the hot air came up and melted the bag of fruit loops and was burning them! We moved the bag but since it had a hole burnt in it fruit loops spilled everywhere! So we had to go get a vacuum and vacuum off the stove! It was so funny! Needless to say, we left their room smokin! :P