Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Epic Wednesday #2

Today is Wednesday! :) That means it is Epic Wednesday! I love Epic Wednesday. (Wow I just said Wednesday a lot!)
It has been a very eventful day! :) I woke up and went to math and then went to my booth hour. While I was there I had to hand out some fliers with Hershey's kisses on them for True Eagle, which is on Monday. So I went over to a table of guys and gave them each a flier and told them to go and become a True Eagle, one of the guys asked if it could be me. Funny but not happening.
After my booth hour I went and checked my mail! Guess what, I actually had mail! :)
The Ipod from Dustin and Kerri came! I am so excited. :) I can't believe they just gave it to me. :) I am so lucky to have such great siblings. :)
After checking my mail I went home and worked on some homework and cleaned my apartment for health and safety checks. Then I went to class. It was really cool because my leadership class got out early! :)
Then I had to go to City Council. I don't mind going to City Council except that it is SO long and people just blab on and on about nothing. Normally Davey and I go but today Davey was unable to go. So I went by myself. There is always someone from the newspaper there and today it was a new person. So a few minutes into city council and see a paper slide across the chairs. So I pick it up and look at it. It's a note, it brought back Jr. High memories. It was from the guy from the newspaper asking why I was there. I wrote back, this continued for a bit and then he asked for my number. Kinda strange but once again a funny moment. To my excitement City Council was only an hour and a half today! :) When it was over I went to thank the mayor and he gave me a present!Sorry the picture is way blurry, I couldn't get a good one. But he gave me this pin and said, "it's made in Price and you can keep it close to your heart!" haha I love small towns! :)
Anyway, then I picked up Emilee and Ashlie so that we could go to Wal*Mart and get the treats for our Epic Wednesday Activity. When we were checking out the cashier started to talk to us. Ashlie was buying some more candy kisses for student government and the lady said, "let me give you girls some advice, don't share these with boys!" We laughed and said, "yeah, boys are stupid." (totally kidding, of course.) And she proceeded to tell us her whole life story, including her divorce and how her husband left her for a 350 pound lady with a hump and no front teeth and that she decided she doesn't need a man and is going to adopt a baby. TMI? Just a bit! But also another funny moment! :)
We came home and I had to eat my dinner. :) I bought a frozen dinner, I thought it looked delish, it was cheese, rice and chicken! But when I opened it I was a little disappointed...
I had to pick out all the yucky stuff that I don't like. But other than that it was great! :)
Then the real party began! :) I had an idea for Epic Wednesday. Tonight we made smore's over our stove. :)Looks delish, right?
This is just Emilee and I stuffing our faces!
This is so not an attractive picture but you can tell that we were having so much fun! :)
Well I am off to go finish Epic Wednesday and some homework. If anyone has some good ideas for Epic Wednesday leave it in a comment! :) Thanks for reading! :)

Monday, February 22, 2010

Counting Blessings

On Thursday I decided that I was going to go home this weekend to go with Ciera to hospital for Stewart's heart surgery, the fourth one in 20 months! I knew that my sister would want and need some moral support so I wanted to be there for her.
I wasn't able to leave until Saturday after work. So I spent Friday night hanging out with my fabulous roommate. We went to Maverick and got smoothies. That is right! Smoothies at Maverick, did anyone know they had smoothies? Well they do and they are delish! :) Then we went to Walmart and treated ourselves to a little snack! :) Then we came home and watched Hitch and fell asleep on the couch and beanbag. It was a pretty good night.
Then I just spent the weekend at home. It was really good because I was able to see my family and spend time with my adorable nephew and Ciera and Stewart and of course my parents and I can't forget Tyson.
Sunday night I had a hard time sleeping and I kept waking up. We had to leave the house by 5:45 to go to the hospital for Stewart's surgery. I was pretty tired. I got in my car, Stewart had scraped all the ice off for me, he is so nice. I turned on my radio all that was on was dumb commercials and morning shows that I really didn't want to listen to. So I went to put my ipod on and my ipod tuner was gone. I let my dad drive my car yesterday so I figured that maybe my ipod tuner was in his way so he moved it. I didn't worry about it to much.
I got to the hospital and sat with Ciera and Stewart's parents while Stewart was in surgery. If you want more information on the surgery you can check out Ciera's blog which is
I had to leave at 12:30 to be back in Price for my 2:30 class. I knew that I needed to find my ipod tuner because it is the only way for me to listen to music through the canyon. I looked in the backseat and it wasn't there. So I called my dad and asked him about it and he said that it had been in the car when he drove it. So then I checked the spot that I keep my ipod and guess what. Yep, it was gone. So my only guess is that my dad accidentally left my car unlocked and someone stole my ipod and tuner!!! So I had to make the long drive through the canyon in silence.
I was really upset at first but now I am just grateful that they didn't take my GPS or my car, so I guess I should focus on the positive and count my blessings. I can easily replace an ipod and tuner. In fact, Dustin and Kerri are the best! Dustin called and told me that they have an ipod I can have. So all I need to do is get myself a new tuner and put songs on my new ipod.
I have decided that I hope that the person that stole my ipod is really poor and has desired to have an ipod for a long, long time. Hopefully it made their day. That is all I have to say about that.
So this was not my best weekend at home and discovering the loss of my ipod made it even worse. I called my mom and just started crying! I felt like such a baby! I was crying over a stupid ipod. I am sure that it must have been a lack of sleep and other things on my mind but regardless, I was crying. I don't like crying so I was pretty grateful that I had an hour and a half drive ahead of me to regain my composer. The entire drive I was feeling sorry for myself, how terrible is that?
When I arrived in Price my brother called me and comforted me, my sister text me and comforted me. My sister who is 7 months pregnant and having a very difficult pregnancy and on top of that she was sitting at the hospital with her husband who had just gotten out of surgery was worried about me and my petty problems. My mom called and talked to me as well and then my dad text me. Then I felt guilty. I have so many blessings in my life. My family is so good to me and I am so lucky to have them. I felt so ashamed for being so selfish and focusing on myself. I went to my class and to my student government meetings and came back to my apartment. I was greeted by my amazing roommate. She gave me a hug and listened to me laugh and cry about my day. Once again I realized how blessed I am. I have so many amazing people in my life. So once again I am crying, but this time it is different. This time I don't feel bad about it because I am crying because of all the blessings in my life. Tonight I am definitely going to have a long list to thank Heavenly Father for.
I just want to thank all of my friends and family for being so great to me and helping me so much. I hope that I can some way repay you all. :) I love you all a lot!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

WAY Long Post!

Sometimes I get really bored in Price and I pretty much live for the weekends. I decided that this isn't such a great thing and that I needed to find a way to enjoy the weekdays. Then I came up with the idea of "Epic Wednesday!" Basically Emilee, Ashlie and I are going to do something out of the ordinary every Wednesday to spice up our week.
Our first Epic Wednesday was on February 10th. Ashlie's birthday was on the 8th and she had a cake that she wanted to eat. :) We decided this would be an excellent way to start Epic Wednesday. The only problem was we didn't have any matches or a lighter to light the candles. But then we had a brilliant idea....
I used the stove! :)Tada! :)
Our next activity was facial masks!
It was a lot of fun and made the week so much better.
I left Price on Thursday. Ashlie and I rode home together. We stopped at the South Towne Mall on the way home! It was awesome! :) Have I ever mentioned how much I love shopping? When I got home I was able to just relax for a little bit and just hang out with my family. Tyson had a church ball game so I went with my parents to that! Oh my goodness. It was probably the best game I have ever watched! I am not a sports person and I could really careless about them but I love to go and watch Tyson just to support him but I can honestly say that I enjoyed this game. The boys in our ward do not know how to play at ALL! Pretty much I think that I could play better than most of them and I am not a baller. Then to my excitement Ciera and Stewart came to spend the night at my parents house! That was really cool because I don't get to see them very often. We were at home and I was hungry so Ciera and I went to KFC to get some food. We ordered and they told us it was going to take a while and asked us to pull up front. Long story short, they didn't have what we ordered so they asked if they could give us something else. Of course we agreed. The guy brought our food out, gave us an entire package of biscuits and gave our money back and then he apologized! :) It was pretty sweet!
On Friday Morning I went with my mom and Ciera to get pedicures! It was so relaxing. When we got home Baylee, Matt's sister in law, came over and we made a baby blanket. I love sewing! Friday night I went with Matt and the band to get band pictures taken. I always feel bad because I feel like I am imposing on their band time but they are always so nice to include me in things. :) They are some of the funniest boys I know! It was a very fun night.
Saturday was a hectic day but still good! I judged a debate tournament in the morning. It was a lot of fun. I miss debate so much! It was really nice to talk to my old teammates and my old coach. After the tournament I went straight to my friend's bridal shower! She is marrying my sister in law's brother so the shower was at my brother's house. It was a really nice shower and I was excited that I was able to go to it.
Saturday night was the night that I was most excited for. Aubre and I had been planning to have a Valentine's dinner for Nick and Matt. So I got home and began setting up for it. Aubre came to my house and my mom, Aubre and I decorated the basement. She is sending me pictures of it and I will post them as soon as I get them. :)I think this picture is really funny. Aubre is so much taller than me that she had to bend down.

Matt was so cute and brought me flowers. :)
We had heart shaped pizza for dinner and then we watched a video that I made of Double or Nothing. Then we watched Little Rascals. I just love that movie! It was a really good night and I was so grateful to be able to spend it with Matt.Add Image
On Sunday I went to church and slept a lot! I was pretty lazy. On Monday Matt came over and played games with my family. Then I traveled back to Price. So far it has been a pretty good week. Tonight is Epic Wednesday so we will see what crazy activity we do tonight! :)

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Homecoming Week!

This week was Homecoming Week! We had different dress up days and since I am in Student Government I definitely had to participate! So here are the ridiculous outfits I wore this week! :)This is my Student Government Vest. It is HUGE on me and I HATE wearing it but sometimes you have to do things you don't like!Monday was Hawaiian Day. So I wore a Hawaiian shirt and that night we had a Pizza Party at the wave pool! :) Nothing beats free food and swimming.It was also Heath and Safety week so on top of all of the other crazy things we needed to wear we had to wear this hideous construction vest and if people questioned us we had to give them a random heath or safety fact.We also had DI day, basically our excuse to dress up as ridiculously as possible. I love dressing crazy!This is my roommate Emilee, our neighbor and friend Ashlie and me! We just had a lot of fun taking pictures!I think it is pretty funny because I have been living in Price with my roommates since August and they just barely found out that I am supposed to wear glasses! So this is me in my glasses that I pretty much never wear.

This has been a really fun and eventful week. This is the first weekend that I have stayed in Price this semester, it is kind of a bummer that I wasn't able to go home but it is okay! Tonight I am going on a "date" with Emilee! We are going to go and see the school musical 1776. I am excited! It should be a blast. Oh, and just an added thing, I'm a bit annoyed because the videos I posted of Hayden aren't working! Hopefully they start working! If not I am sorry that you can't see them because they are super cute! :)

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

My Nephew

Today I was on the phone with my mom and she was babysitting Hayden. He kept reaching for the phone so she let him talk to me. He was so funny. He was very chatty and so funny!
I thought that it would be fun for me to put some videos of him up here just so everyone can see how much fun he is! They are just from a cell phone so I am not quite sure how well they will work out!

He is trying to say my name! :) He is so smart and cute!

Ciera and I have been working with him and teaching him a little bit of sign language. He is so smart and remembers all these signs and does them when he wants something! :) It is adorable.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Another Weekend!

This weekend I went home (again). Matt and I were planning on meeting up in Provo on Friday to go on a date. But on Thursday night my old debate coach called and asked if I could judge at the tournament they were going to on Saturday. I wasn't sure if I would be able to because of work but I was able to get my shift covered. :) So I made the trip home!

Friday night my mom made lasagna, my favorite! Matt and I ate with them and then my parents went to a movie. Tyson, Matt and I all stayed home. We played aggravation, which I lost big time. Then we had a dance party in my parents living room. I am just going to be honest, Tyson and Matt dancing around is pretty much the funniest thing ever! :) I love having a boyfriend that gets along with my brother and will be completely crazy! :) Tyson really likes Matt so that means a lot to me.

After our epic dance party we sat in Matt's car and listened to some music. I'm sure if people drove by they probably thought we were up to no good. :) But we were really just sitting in the car jammin to some music. Then we decided to relax and watch a movie. We watched Music and Lyrics.

On Saturday I went to Logan High to judge for Debate! I have missed debate so much! My coach suprised me with a Dr. Pepper, it was delish! :) A lot of people think that judging debate is boring but oh man! I loved it. I thought it was so much fun to be the one judging and getting to give my opinion. It was also really good to see all of my old friends. I wish that CEU had a debate team still :( While I was in Logan I was able to see my sister and her husband and my cute little nephew! :) I have missed them a lot too.

My brother Dustin and his wife were at my house when I got home. They have a cute little girl and I just love her. :) It was really good to see them.

This is my adorable neice. I made her that blanket for Christmas. :)

Matt's mom was playing in a concert so we went to that. :) On the way there we almost hit a deer! It just came out of no where! But luckily for us it stopped just in time. The concert was really good and I could definately see where Matt gets his talent. :) Matt and I then went to his friend's house. I love that he takes me with him and includes me in things that are going on in his life. He is a really good guy and I am so lucky that he wants to date me!

On Sunday I went to church at my parent's ward. I guess you know that you are at home a lot when people come up and ask if you moved back! And when your college ward thinks you have gone inactive... oops! After church I came back to Price. It was kind of good to be back. Emilee and I had some fun times chilling on the couch just talking. I love that girl! :)

And now I am back to going to classes and the normal routine! :) This week is homecoming week so it should be a lot of fun! :) Today is Hawaiian day. So I am wearing a super stylish hawaiian shirt. :) Tonight we are going swimming at the Wave Pool. That should be fun. :)

So a few posts ago I wrote that I was planning on going to UVU... well now I am not completely sure. I applied to go there and everything and it is definately an option but I wasnt completely impressed with them. I emailed the communication department head and I asked for information about their program and they never responded. That wasn't very impressive to me. I am now considering going to Weber... I never thought that I would say that. But it has a lot of benefits! If I went to Weber I could move back home, so that is free room and food. I could still keep my job, I would just have to work longer hours less days, and I could help with Debate more. The tuition is a little bit more there but I would still be saving money. I guess I just need to keep my options open and see where life takes me! :)