Wednesday, August 18, 2010

My Decision.

I have been trying to decide what I want to do with school... but I haven't let that stop me from enjoying my summer! :) This has been a really fun summer! I have been able to go out with my friends a lot. It has been nice to not have to stress and worry about school.
Steph highlighted my hair.Before:
After:And Jess got married so we went to her reception! :) She looked gorgeous! It is hard to believe that the first of our group of friends just got married!!! :)And this cute little guy turned 2!I can't even believe it! I love him so much! He is so smart and so good. He is definitely a blessing in my life. Highlights of the week....
On Monday I went to Lagoon with Steph! It was a BLAST!
Yesterday Steph and I were hanging out with some of our friends at their house when we realized we were hungry. It was 11pm and we wanted Pizza so we decided to go to Winco and buy some. We ended up ditching the boys and made them think we had abandoned them at the grocery store. It was totally immature but so funny!

And end result....
I am now an official WildCat. I decided that I wont know what I want to be unless I experience different things. So as of right now I am going into Communications because I love communications and the emphasis is family and interpersonal relations. I think that it seems like a pretty good major but we will see as time goes on.
So I have to say goodbye to my fun and stress free summer... and hello to school. I start on Monday! I am a little excited though because I was able to make it so that I go to school on Monday, Wednesday and Friday and I work on Tuesday and Thursdays and Saturdays.
I guess we will see how it goes! Thanks for the advice it helped! :)

Monday, August 9, 2010

Ugh... Life.

Beware, the following is me babbling about random thoughts that I have had recently....

Lately I have been struggling a lot. I haven't really told anyone because I don't really like to tell people when I'm having a hard time... I would rather just be happy and fun all the time.
It is nothing serious or anything, I just don't really know what I want to do with my life. I just feel so unsure of EVERYTHING. In the Spring I felt so certain that I needed to go to Weber. I knew that I needed to go home and be with my family. I am the kind of person that loves to plan everything. Spontaneous is fun and I like that too... but when it comes to my life I have to plan it out. I measure the pro's and con's of everything and try to be logical. When I was in Jr. High I wanted to be a lawyer. I thought that would be awesome but when I was a sophomore in High School I looked into it more and realized that there were a lot of things about being a lawyer that were not exactly ideal for me. I loved the idea of public speaking and getting to "argue" my point. But I realized that I would get too attached to the situations and this just wouldn't work for me. So then I was back at square one... trying to decide what I wanted to be "when I grew up..." and then my mom suggested a News Reporter.
I remembered back when I was a little girl and my cousin Kelsi and I would sit in my basement and make up news stories. I always thought that would be the coolest job ever! I decided that was the perfect career for me and started preparing for that... but now it makes me a little nervous. I have finished my associates degree and I am actually supposed to make a decision. I have to decide what I want to major in... and if I decide I don't like it and change my major then I waste a lot of time and money. 2 things I really hate wasting...
Lately I have been trying to think of all my options. I even went and talked to an adviser at Weber but I always end up even more confused. I feel so unsure of what to do right now. I don't know what I want my major to be... I don't know what I want to be when I grow up... I have no clue where to go from here.
I have been praying like crazy, reading my patriarchal blessing, reading my scriptures... and I'm still lost. I guess growing up is difficult. I feel like I am being torn into a pieces. Part of me says to take a semester off, find another job and just work and save money, and really try to decide what I want to do and then go back to school in the Spring. Another part of me says to just keep the same plan I've had for a long time and go into broadcast journalism. Another part of me says to go into family relations or something with kids. All of these choices have benefits and downfalls... and I just can't figure out what the best choice is for me... and even more stressful is that I am running out of time to decide!
HOWEVER, that being said, I just have to say, I have some of the best friends ever. Tonight I went and played Volleyball (well I actually didn't play, I'm not athletic like that, I watched... and tossed around a football a little.) with a bunch of people from my new ward (which I love, by the way.). I have met a lot of friends there. Steph and I were just sitting there watching everyone play and she asked me about school... and I told her exactly how I had been feeling. It was SO nice to actually voice my concerns. I am so lucky that we are best friends, most girls can't say that they have been best friends since 5th grade, but we can. We have had our fall outs and fights but we have pulled through it. I have no clue what I would do with out her. She was great and listened to me, then some of our new friends came and talked to me as well and told me that they went through the same thing.
I am also very blessed because I have a great family. I know that they are there for me all the time and are willing to help me anytime I need it.
Well, I think that this post is long enough and I have rambled a ton but thanks for reading if you have any advice, I'd love it! :)

Sunday, August 1, 2010


I have always heard stories about people that have terrible, awful trials and how people come together to help them. I loved hearing the stories but that was all they were, stories. They were not my reality.
I am sure most people know about the struggles that my family has had the last 2 years. But if not I will just give a little overview. My sister, Ciera is married to Stewart and they have 2 amazing little boys, Hayden (almost 2) and Keagan (just over 4 months). Stewart has heart problems and has had 5 heart surgeries in the past 2 years. Obviously this has been very hard on the entire family but mostly on Ciera. Stewart has been unable to work because he passes out 20-40 times a day. This has made Ciera become the sole provider and nurturer of their family. Recently Stewart's doctor told them that he really can't do anymore for him and told them they need to go to Minnesota to the Mayo Clinic.
When Ciera first told me I thought it sounded impossible. They obviously can't afford that and I had no clue how they were going to be able to raise all that money. I tried to be positive for her but logically it just didn't seem probable. But I have been proved wrong.
I know that the Lord gives us trials and he also gives us a way to get through them. Sometimes that way is through other people. Ciera and Stewart are very blessed to have friends that love them. As soon as some of their neighbors found out about Ciera and Stewart's latest goal they decided to make it a reality and went right to work. They set up a dinner and auction. They got local places to donate items, gift cards, and services. They also got the radio and newspaper to help advertise it.
The event took place last night. I cannot even express how blown away I was. I love my sister very much. It has been so hard for me to watch her go through these trials. I know I haven't been able to help her much. I try to watch her kids and be there for her but I wish I could do more. Last night I was holding her baby and just looked around the room. I saw tables full of items that people had donated. I saw tables full of people, some that I knew, some that I didn't but all of them were there to help my sister and her family. All of them were willing to sacrifice their time and money just for my sister's family.
I talked to the girls that organized it and I thanked them for helping my sister so much. They responded by thanking me! Can you believe that?! I was so impressed with how Christ-like they were. Everyone came had the same attitude as those girls. They were all so willing to help and do what they could.Not only was it a beneficial night but it was also a very fun night! I was able to spend a lot of time with Hayden and Keagan. I love them both so it was fun to be able to play with them. I also bought a lot of GREAT stuff at the auction! :)
I have always wanted a Christus Statue and last night I was able to get one and have all the money go to my sister! :)
I was also able to get a super cute bag, it is supposed to be a diaper bag, so I'll just keep it in storage until that time comes.
I also got a cute little home decoration for my future house.

Today was testimony meeting and I wanted to get up and share my experience so badly but for the first time in my life, I was speechless! I had no clue how to express how I felt and how grateful I was. Last night was such an eye opener for me. I learned that we really do have a Father in Heaven that loves us. That we are given trials so that we can learn and that he has sent people here to bless our lives. I know that the Church is true and that if we listen to the promptings of the Holy Ghost we will be blessed. I love my family so much and I am so grateful that if we live righteously we can be together forever.
If anyone wants to know more about Ciera and Stewart you can check out their blog