Monday, June 28, 2010

In Vegas!

Okay, so once again I have been meaning to update this for a while and I just haven't gotten around to it.
When we first arrived in Vegas we went to the Mall, it was a lot like the Gateway! :) We got a picture with the DQ Ice Cream Guy (I love Dairy Queen!)Emilee got some lemonade.And we got free ice cream!!! YUM!!!
So, while Em and I were in Vegas we went to the Strip! It was disgusting and dirty but we had fun!! There were a lot of impersonators that we got our picture taken with. :)Em and I tried on SUPER expensive glasses.This picture cracks me up, the guy told Em that she could just stay with him so she busted up laughing and couldn't stop. These guys were soo much fun!!Michael Jackson!

Please excuse how fat I look in this picture... and the ridiculous look on my face.
Napoleon Dynamite!! And the reason we went to the Strip... not as cool as I remember it...
And yes... Emilee did consider leaving the house like this for about... 2.158 seconds... :)This was our ride home... check out the size of those cups!! They didn't have a smaller size that was plastic!!
And that was our trip to VEGAS!! :)

Monday, June 14, 2010

Drive to "Hell"

Aka Las Vegas, Nevada... or Henderson.
This weekend was a BLAST!!! Sara Conrad and Jacob Mantz (they both went to CEU and Emilee grew up with Sara) got married, Em wanted to go to the reception, so guess who was forced to go along? That is right, me! Just kidding :) I just went with Em so she didn't have to drive alone. It was a blast.We left Price at about 11 on Friday morning.We knew that it would be an adventurous trip because before we even got out of Price this is what we saw!!
When we were in Emery County there was some construction (of course) and cars pulled off to the side of the road. We were pretty confused about what was going on, so I unrolled the window and asked. Apparently the driver of one of the other cars had rear ended the car in front of them so they were exchanging insurance (there was no damage to either car so this seemed quite pointless to us) so Emilee and I pulled forward to the guy holding the stop sign. Then this old guy walked over to my window and said, "Ya know, you're going to hell right now, this is Heaven. Where are you going?" And we said, "Las Vegas!" He replied, "Yep, definitely going to hell." So I guess we spent a weekend in Hell but don't worry because we are back in "Heaven" now.
We passed the polygamist town, Joseph. This is really close to where my family goes camping! :)
We stopped in Cedar City to get gas and drinks. (The funny thing on this sign is the banner at the bottom... What's up? Text 'Happenings" to 83043. haha) There was a cute boy outside of the Maverick selling hot dogs. He offered us a sample but we declined... I think he would have given them to us for free.The bathrooms had the best sign!! :) Nature Calls!! :)Emilee and I in the bathroom.This was painted on the wall outside the bathroom. Pretty cool decorations for a Maverick if you ask me! :)
We decided to play that really dumb and childish game, ya know, the one where you try to get semis to honk for you... yeah we were pretty successful.
Next we played the license plate game... well more like we listed all of the different license plates we saw........ Pretty good right??
It was a fun but long drive!! I think my favorite part would have to be when Emilee and I did the Cupid Shuffle. I'm sure people were looking at us like we were crazy!!
I don't want to make this post SUPER long so this is all I'll write today. Tomorrow I'll try to write about what we did in Vegas! :)

Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Lately, as well all know, my life consists of school, work and going home every weekend. Last week was slightly different.
I was able to hang out with Emilee everyday! I actually stayed in her apartment every night. It was really nice! I have missed being able to hang out with her 24/7! One night we even went to a friends house and played Pepsi Pong. I don't think I can even describe how much I hate regular pepsi! Yuck!! It was a lot of fun but I highly doubt that I will be playing that game again anytime soon.
On Thursday I made my regular trip home. Friday morning I woke up and went with Carson to babysit his nephews. It was a blast! They are such cute little boys. I can definitely tell they are related to Carson and have been brainwashed well (just ask what their favorite car is) Enough said.
That night Ty and I got slurpees (yum!) and watched Zoolander (yes, I did watch it again.) It was really good to just relax at home.
Saturday was kind of stressful for me. I had to write a paper for my biology class. I had no clue what to write about or anything. Normally I can write essays without a problem but this one took me AGES to write! On top of that I had promised Ciera that I would make snickerdoodles for Keagan's baby blessing.I eventually finished my essay (I wrote it on genetic engineering, yeah, I got the idea from the movie, My Sister's Keeper) and the cookies, I had to make a double batch because my dad loves to eat them straight from the oven! I think that is a compliment though... :)
While I was writing my essay I was also chatting with friends on Facebook (of course, maybe that is why it took me so long to write it...) I was chatting with my old debate coach, Todd Hammond. Him and his wife just finished a theater in their basement so they invited me to go over and watch a movie. So Katie and I did! That probably sounds kind of weird, but it really isn't! haha It was fun and made me miss debate a lot!
Sunday was a great day! I went to Logan for Keagan's baby blessing. He was so cute! I was really upset with myself because I forgot my camera! So I will have to steal some pictures from Ciera to put up.
That is pretty much all that is going on... well besides a ton of homework and studying for math tests! It is okay though because next week is my last week of summer school! :)