Monday, July 26, 2010


This weekend was pretty fun!
My family (mom, dad and Ty) left to go camping on Wednesday. My original plan was to meet up with them after work on Thursday. But my plans changed when I had another offer and ended up having to work on Friday morning. So on Friday I got off work at 10:30am and made the short drive to Coalville. The entire way there I thought my car was driving strange so when I arrived my dad checked it out and one back tire was a little flat so he put more air in it for me.
Then I just spent time with my family. It was my mom's birthday so we celebrated that.Ciera made her this cake, my mom is the assistant on the bus for the special needs kids. :)
When it got a little later I got nervous about my car. I had planned to stay over night but had to leave early in the morning for work and I didn't want to have to worry about my car because the tire was still losing air. So my brother and sister in law (Cameron and Heather) saved the day! They offered to go home that night as well and let me drive their car to work AND get my car fixed while I was at work! So this was what we did!! :)
When I got home Travis came to see me! Which was awesome! Saturday I went to work, came home and hung out with Katie. :) Then Ciera and Stewart came over with their boys. Then Travis came over again. :)
On Sunday Steph and I went camping after church! It was great! Steph and I haven't had a sleepover in YEARS and it was so great to be able to spend time with her! :) We made smores and roasted starbursts! :)
We helped make the fire.I am so glad that we have been friends for so long! It was a great weekend! :)

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Recent Developments!

This summer has been awesome!! I have had so much fun just hanging out and relaxing. Of course I am still working but it has been nice to have some downtime.
I have been able to hang out with a lot of my friends!!!This is Jenn. She was my best friend in Jr. High then she moved to Cali and I haven't seen her since! But she came to Utah to visit some family so we were able to go to lunch!! It was awesome to see her! :)Steph and I have been able to hang out a lot again. :)And I've hung out with Katie TONS! :)I've played with my nephews too!And I had a cast for 3 weeks. I had/have a ganglion cyst on my right wrist. It was hurting so bad that I couldn't even move my wrist so my mom took me to the doctor and he sucked all the fluids out of it and put a cast on me in hopes that it would prevent it from coming back. It didn't work because it didn't even go away! Oh well, the cast was waterproof and pink so it was manageable!
That is just an update on what has been going on.

Lately I have been so happy! I have just been taking things one day at a time and been meeting new people and making new friends. I have loved it! I was so happy just dating around and doing what I wanted.... and then I met a guy....He is so cute, sweet, spiritual, smart, hardworking and he treats me well. He is such a great guy. The only problem is he is moving to Arizona for Medical School in a week. I have no clue what is going to happen when that time comes. But I guess that is life and I will continue to just take it a day at a time and see where life takes me! :)